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Balloon Molly Guide | Taking Care of Balloon Mollies

balloon Molly

Balloon Molly Fish

Tropical Balloon Molly Fish:

One of the Hybrid variations of Poecilia latipinna and the sailfin molly fish. Balloon Molly is very impressive and beautiful in look. These are hard to keep happy and pleasant as compared to other fishes that are close relatives of molly like platys guppies and tetras.

Balloons are the peaceful molly fishes & non-aggressive small fishes can be kept in the community tank. Balloons include white, black, green, yellow, golden, white color.

Body Shape And Structure

These are same as a balloon and also called balloon belly molly fish and potbelly molly due to which its belly become a balloon-like structure.” They have more profound and shorter body and round-arched and potbelly & have substantial Layered fin and a dorsal fin.

Characteristics of balloon molly fish

They can adjust their body according to water parameters. They can retain their shape in freshwater and as well as in saltwater. The Recommended tip is to add one spoon of the salt in one gallon of water for optimum and good health.

Nature Of Balloon Molly Fish

These balloon mollies are omnivorous. They can eat both meat, algae and plant type of food. You should provide them with algae flakes, dried worms, and shrimps. The balloons are livebearer fishes and require the large tanks to live on!

The tanks should be beautifully decorated and planted with green plants and algae mat like decoratives. In the corner place some plants that can float and can give a proper look to that tank.

We will learn entirely about How To:

  1. Balloon mollies lifespan & body size
  2. molly fish breed & how to breed?
  3. Get balloon molly pregnant?
  4. A balloon molly give birth to babies?
  5. Care and feed you balloon molly fry?

All these questions will be clarified after reading complete information on this page; Now you are interested to read? Let me start!

Balloon molly LifeSpan:

Compared to Normal Mollies species, the balloon belly molly expects the less lifespan and shorter lifetime period expectancy. According to a conducted research on a local level, These mollies can only have a lifespan of one year or one and the half year just. There are many reasons behind it. But You can say that they have the same lifespan as other regular mollies have but to if we provide them with a good environment and proper care.

Body Size:

These molly species gained specific appearance and shorter body type. The maximum size is 4 to 5 inches, but normally fish can grow 2.5 to 3 inch.

The maximum size can be attained with proper care. The size growth ratio also depends on the breed which is the breaded species of the balloon.

Keeping Molly fish is just an excellent experience

How to Care & breed Balloon Mollies:

Balloon Molly Breeding:

Breeding balloon molly is not a much difficult task as we imagine. Some things you need to follow for breeding we will discuss here. By following them, you can easily breed molly fish. The Breeding of Balloon mollies is same as the Breeding regular fish. Some facts and factors need an eye on that.

Some of them are

  1. Tank Setup
  2. Fish Quantity as compared to tank size
  3. Food Quality
  4. Fresh Water
  5. Luminescent Light

The temperature is a considerable factor of all. Because these are livebearers fishes and good breeders. These can only expect in this case if we have the optimum temperature maintenance for that specific period. The best temperature can be maintained using the automatic heater.

Tank Setup:

Balloon molly fish is live-bearing fish which require the tank size of twenty-five gallons of water minimum with the variety of live plants like Java ferns, Anubias, and the Saggitaria. The filtration is another factor to keep the water clean and clear like fresh water. The bigger the tank size can promote the breed style. The recommended size of the tank is 30 gallons which are almost 113 in liters.

Fish Ratio:

The fish quantity and a ratio to maintain according to tank size are important to us in this mean. The rate of fish must be one male balloon with two female balloons in the 10-gallon tanks, increase tank size and increase the quantity of fish.

Food Quality

Food must have good quality. The branded foods have the excellent ratio of ingredients in them. The rate of ingredients mixed in it can improve the condition that you can not get in local food. Because they are made by the common man that has not much how to know about fish behavior towards food and impacts of food on the fish health.

molly fish food

Quality fish food for molly fish

Omega one is the right brand with quality food that has proper mixing of raw in it. The brand features are

  • Promotes color
  • Improve growth
  • Make health
  • Freshwater Availability

The availability of freshwater is the basic need of molly but also the weakness. The PH range can also make a deadly effect on it. The only thing to maintain that can keep your fish long lasting is the PH Levels in the water.

Light & Photons:

light needs for molly fish

light needs for molly fish

The Light is the factor that improves the coloring in most fishes like they increase Pigmentation ratio in them like in goldfish

The Light Shades also good elements to make them breed. Halide bulbs are very Good For them.

How Balloon molly fish Breed?

The male fish have clear pointed anal and dorsal fin of its body that helps the male to get in touch with female molly. On the other hand, the female has rounded circle anal fin and also a spot that indicates the pregnancy of the female that makes a difference among male and female genders. The container must be entirely green with plants and algae’s that produce a happy environment for them. The placement of plants should be the corners of the tank. After two to two and a half months the female gives birth to young fry.

Caring for Balloon Molly Babies:

The ratio of balloon babies lesser than other mollies breeds. In this section, we talk about how many babies do balloon mollies have. The regular molly can give up-to 100 babies or 80 in number. Maximum babies that a balloon can provide are 40.The size of babies id about a half inch in length. The caring of balloon fry is simple. Separate the fry from balloons in another tank otherwise; they will eat them. The food given to them is the same as given to parent fishes. But the only difference is that makes the power of food by grinding into a grinder. They can easily take the powder form of food.


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