Betta Fish Tank Mates

Betta Fish Tank Mates | 3 Most Compatible Mates [Recommended]

Betta Fish Tank Mates

Betta Fish Tank Mates

The territorial Siamese fighting fish is commonly known as betta fish which is the family member of gourami fish. It is commonly not aggressive in nature except in breeding season. The betta, which is known for its flowing tail & awesome colors. So you have done setting up community tank for your betta fish but you are still thinking about the suitable and stable betta fish tank mates to have a peaceful community for your betta. As it requires low maintenance and care than any other fish.

Common mistakes That Betta keepers Make

Always do not make common mistakes to put your betta fish life in danger. Some of them are minimum tank size and another one is tank mates for your betta

The tank size depends on how much betta fish you have in your pet fish tank. So you must really care about it

Before putting other fishes you must know some things that are

  • Is it compatible with betta fish nature?
  • Will betta attack them?

These are two frequently asked question about betta fish if you are having a great community tank. So you must aware of the nature of that fish you are going to put with a betta.

Betta Fish tank mates

So below we will discuss the most compatible betta fish tank mates that include

  1. Neon Tetra
  2. Corydora Catfish
  3. Zebra Snails

Neon Tetra

The most popular freshwater fish neon tetra is a beautiful and small fish like the betta. Neon color tetra has glowing blue stripes with a red color combination on its body. The beta and neon together with one another have a peaceful living style in the same tank. Because the betta fish live on the top surface of the aquarium but the neon lives in the mid of water so they do not have to compromise the space for both.

neon tetra

neon tetra

On the Other hand, Food sharing and eating manner is just an awesome experience to watch between them. Neon is omnivores and likes to eat flakes food of high quality but I recommend to give them Hikari foods which is a great choice for them. The betta will also eat it greatly. This food floats on the surface of the water until it soaks the water into it then it will dip into the water down. when it will remain on the surface betta will eat it and when it starts floating from top to mid and down then neon will eat it so food will be delivered to both in a very mannered way.

Both neon and betta are schooling fish they need room and space to live on happily with each other in this case I am not talking about a fish bowl or the one-gallon tank explained above that they need space so minimum tank size must be a 10-gallon tank or above.

They have high speed and can swim quickly in the water the Betta always try to chase away the neon. So neon needs spaces to hide them. There must be a plenty of spaces in the tank.

Corydora Catfish:

Corydora Catfish

Corydora Catfish

Corydora Catfish is the peaceful fish & not only best tankmate of betta fish but for all the species also. They are also known as cory cats. They are very easy to care due to schooling fish means you can keep 4 or more fishes in a tank. They are available in different color patterns like bronze red tail catfish etc. So its very easy to keep it with betta fish. The overall performance of catfish is just awesome so I would like to recommend it before any other fish in your tank. They show 100% of the compatibility with bettas.

Zebra Snails

Zebra Snail

Zebra Snail

Snails are the best tankmates of betta fish if you are thinking something different to keep. You got a right choice because they help to clean your tank also. If you are keeping two snails in 5 or 6-gallon tank they are enough to eat all the algae from it and keep the water fresh. They feed on algae and do not need the separate special treat for them. They do not reproduce as other snails do So there is a great benefit and choice for you to keep then they show 85% of compatibility. That’s why betta loves snails.

Final Words:

In the last, I wanna advise you not to keep any type of gourami with your betta fish because they closely belong to each other, combat and fight with each other due to same nature.

The above-mentioned mates of betta fish are the most compatible mates.they have a peaceful community with betta fish.


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