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Brackish Water Fish

Brackish water is the water that is defined as the water which has more salts concentration than freshwater but no more than seawater. The salt concentration lies between freshwater and seawater. This water comes from mixing the freshwater and seawater. So it is the combination of both fresh and seawater. The word brackish originated from the middle dutch root called “bark”.It is saltier than freshwater but less salty than seawater. Brackish water consists of the salinity ratio between 500 and 30,000 ppm. Those fishes who live in those regions or areas are called brackish water fishes.
The list of brackish water fish species is given below:

Drum Fish
Asian Chichild
Ray fish

Medaka Rice Fish

medaka rice fish

Medaka Rice Fish: Detailed Intro Medaka rice fish is also called Japanese rice fish. The variety of Medaka is Yellow Princess. Medaka is the cultivated form of the rice-fish Oryzias latipes native to irrigation ditches, rice fields and other still waters throughout Korea and Japan. They are a kind of …

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