Red tail catfish care tank setup feeding & tank mates

Caring Red Tail Catfish Feeding, Aquarium Setup & Tank Mates

Red tail catfish care tank setup feeding & tank mates

Redtail catfish care tank setup feeding & tank mates

Red Tail Catfish Quick Stats

  1. Family: The Pimelodidae
  2. Tank Size: 1000 gallons minimum
  3. Tank Setup: Bare Tank
  4. LifeSpan: 14+ years
  5. Nature: Aggressive
  6. Color: Brown Or Dark Grey
  7. Diet: Meat
  8. Care: Much Difficult

Redtail catfish is known as “cajaro and pirarara.” Cajaro is the large freshwater fish that show rapid growth. The most attractive member of catfish is redtail due to its beautiful lined tail.

Its habitat is the river lakes and flowing streams due to its large size. It is also known as flat nose catfish. It is originated and found in Colombia, Peru Brazil and South American rivers.

Small sized baby fish is 5 cm long, but it shows rapid growth due to which it continued selling in the pet stores. They are found in large public aquariums. They can not easily be kept in the small aquariums at home because they need space and room to live on due to size and growth ratio.

Physical Outlook and Appearance

They are beautiful and large with a gorgeous face. They have beautiful Red Tail due to which they are known as “Red Tail Catfish.”
They are found in brown and Dark Grey colors. On the top side, they have spots & white and Yellow Bands on the whole body.
Redtail Catfish have a Cylindrical body with the flat belly & red colored awesome tail that attracts everyone towards its self. Also, have a red-orange colored fin on the body and three pairs of barbels.

Growth and Fish Size

The average fish size of red-tailed catfish is about 5cm, but they are difficult to keep in home aquariums which is the great challenge for the aquarist nowadays. The most important thing I want to tell you that they show the fast growth as they can grow one inch in just a week. Typically they can grow up to two feet in a year. Naturally, you can grow up to 4 feet in home aquariums.

Fish Food and Diet

Redtail catfish is not a fussy eater but able to eat easily anything that fits into their mouth. Actually by nature red-tail catfish are omnivores but they prefer meat rather than vegetable foods.

The common meaty foods include shrimp, pallets, and worms. As usual like all other fishes, overfeeding is harmful and hazardous to them and can cause to severe disease or sudden death. They can be trained the same as other fishes to take food from owners hands.

Suitable Tank Mates

Before choosing the best tank mates for the catfish, we may discuss the nature of this fish so we can understand that what type of mates will be food for RTC.

The red tail catfish is such type of fish that is shy so overcome the shyness there are some suggestions from my side to provide them space holes and cave-like area to hide in them. So in this way you can make your fish more friendly and attractive towards you.

Now if you want to keep a mate with RT catfish them make sure it is bigger then its mouth, so it is unable to eat that fish. However, it is essential to keep the fish that is minimum equal in size with catfish or little more massive than that fish.

Here I am providing you a list of fishes that can live together & you can keep with your fish in a large community tank fish.

  1. Datnoids
  2. Gars
  3. Stingrays

Tank Needs and Setup

Such type of fish requires the large  Tropical tank Setup to school them. If you have a small tank, you much forget about keeping catfish, so they need hard and much care. As I mentioned above 1000 gallon tank is required for maintaining it which is very rare to remain at home because of room and space.

Another solution instead f keeping tank is to set up a pond for your catfish, great choice for them. The container must be bare with no decorative material due to its aggressive nature it can eat anything that fits into the mouth so avoid keeping any material. Keep your tank clean.

They need tropical surrounding with the temperature of 20 to 26-degree Celcius in water. You can also set up an automatic heater to maintain the temperature. The Ph level must lie between 6 to 7.5. It even very necessary to set up a filter to clean your water, I would prefer the sump filter to filter your water.

In the last, to sum up, all the above things you may have a question in your mind that you should keep red tail catfish or not. So in this regard, my answer is obviously “No” if you have no space and time for holding care of your fish. If you are very caring and you can spend expenses to set up a vast or large tank for your fish, then you can keep them.


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