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Coldwater Fish

Coldwater is the water which has the lower temperature in it. The coldwater fishes are those species of fishes which do not need to have a specific range of temperature to live in. In the context of aquariums, the coldwater organisms are those fishes who show the good growth rate in cooler water as compared to heated water. On average the cold water has the temperature below 20 degrees of Celsius.
The list of coldwater fish species is given below:

Paradise Fish
Cherry shrimp
Bloodfin Tetra
Fancy goldfish
Native fish
Zebra Danio

Spotfin Chub Turquoise Shiner Brief Care Guide

Spotfin Chub Turquoise Shiner (Cyprinella Monacha)

Brief Introduction: This is a fish I wanted to highlight because of its beauty and the potential it would have in the aquarium industry. It is NOT an endorsement for anyone to seek out and collect this fish! Background: It is threatened or endangered throughout its range and is extinct …

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Golden / Leopard Mandarin Fish- Coldwater Fish Guide

Golden Mandarin Fish/ Leopard Mandarin Fish (Siniperca Scherzeri)

Here is a fish for those among us who love Peacock Cichlids, Largemouth Bass, and other beautifully colored predatory fish. The more frequently seen form is the variety with leopard spots, which is also quite attractive and very reminiscent of the pattern found on a Jaguar Cichlid. Wild varieties occurring …

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Coldwater Eurasian Ruffe Fish (Care,Feed,Breed Guide)

Eurasian Ruffe (Gymnocephalus Cernua)

Eurasian Ruffe Fish has been introduced accidentally into many areas outside its native range including the Great Lakes of North America and Southern Europe. In both those areas, the presence of these fish is cause for concern, especially as their population moves south. Quick Guide: Origin: England Northern Europe in …

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Roundtail Paradise Fish Guide to Care, Feeding & Breeding

Roundtail Paradise Fish

Roundtail Paradise Fish (Macropodus Ocellatus) The paradise fish most commonly seen for sale in stores is Macropodus opercularis. However, there are several other species of paradise fish and all are beautifully colored. The images I included here of the Roundtail are of the male in normal coloration and the much …

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Three-Lined Catfish (Glyptothorax Trilineatus)

Three-Lined Catfish (Glyptothorax Trilineatus)

To write some of these articles about coldwater fishes not readily available to the aquarium industry, I have to visit a lot of different sites in different languages to get the information I need. I recently found an amazing site for fishes native to China and have discovered dozens of …

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