Common Mudskipper (Periphthalmus Vulgaris)

Common Mudskipper – I Fell in Love it with when

Common Mudskipper (Periphthalmus Vulgaris)

Common Mudskipper (Periphthalmus Vulgaris)

The first time I saw mudskippers for sale was in the mid-1970s.

Mudskippers are the cutest things. Fascinating to watch.

When I win the lottery and can have every creature that appeals to me, they are on my list.

Brief Introduction:

They were fascinating to watch not just climbing out of the water, but climbing up branches of driftwood and even up the glass of the aquarium.

Their ping-pong ball like eyes that glowed blue made the fish look more like a cartoon frog than a real animal.

All of that was enough to make me want them, but then they spread their fins and I fell in love.

These were Atlantic mudskippers so when they opened their fins you could see that they had a brilliant blue stripe which because if the fishes otherwise drab colors, was completely unexpected.

The Common Mudskipper lacks the blue coloration but it does have red and the body is nicely mottled.

Tank Requirements

They can be kept in a brackish water community tank provided that the fish have places that they can get out of the water.

But unless you have a very large tank, do not attempt to keep more than one male. The females are far less aggressive.


Coastal regions throughout the Indo-Pacific region.


They can Grow up to 10cm as mature size if they are cares and cured properly.


25-30°C. The air temperature must also be kept warm.


These fish eat everything, including smaller tankmates. They love frozen foods, shrimp, crickets, worms, beetles, spiders and anything else you put with them.


The salinity of the water should be 1.005 or slightly higher. The tank must have a sand/mud land area for the fish to climb on to and hunt. The tank must be covered tightly to both prevent escape and to keep the atmosphere humid. Finally, you should have a strong filter because mudskippers tend to tear at their food and lose half of it.


Difficult in the aquarium. Males dig a deep hole in the intertidal zone. The whole can be 1m deep. While the tides can be reproduced in captivity, the depth of the sand makes breeding hard.

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