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Drape Fin Barb (Oreichthys Crenuchoides)

Drape Fin Barb (Oreichthys Crenuchoides)
Drape Fin Barb (Oreichthys Crenuchoides)

Drape Fin Barb (Oreichthys crenuchoides) About a week ago I walked into my local fish store to pick up some algae wafers. Browsing through the fish, I was happy to see that the store was carrying some fish that are not usually seen. Then I saw something I had never seen before. The tank was not labeled. I could recognize that it was a barb, but beyond that, I had no idea what I was looking at. I did not ask the owner what it was. After all, I went there for algae and I did not want to be tempted into buying a fish, especially since I was not heading straight home. “I’ll just look it up when I get home,” I said to myself and patted myself on the back for avoiding an impulse buy of a fish I knew nothing about. The fish in the store looked like the lower picture which is of an immature fish or a female. The top photo depicts the adult males. When I saw how the fish looks as an adult, I immediately regretted not buying half a dozen or more! I will problably be going back to pick up my mystery fish which I now know to be the Drape Fin Barb. There are a few things to know about this barb before buying it. First, you should buy at least 8 if you choose to keep them. The males develop a hierarchy and will frequently engage and minor skirmishes that result in a beautiful display of their fins. Because of this, there should be a lot of plants or decorations to break up line of sight. Also use mud or the softest sand you can find. They have small barbles on their chin that they drag over the bottom in search of food. Some sources claim they are shy with other fish, while others say they are fine in a community tank. It likely depends on what species their tankmates are. Keep them with peaceful, slow moving fish like cherry barbs, and harlequin rasboras. A 20 gallon / 75 liter tank can house a group of these small barbs.
Origin: India
Size: 4cm. / 1.5 inches
Temperature: 23-27°C/ 73-80°F
Diet: Small live, frozen and prepared foods. Vary their diet to ensure the fish’s best color.
Habitat: They like a thickly planted aquarium that utilizes broad leaved plants like anubis, swords, and crypts.
Breeding: Unlike most barbs, the Drape Fins deposit their eggs on the underside of broad leaved plants. The parents won’t eat the eggs, but they will eat the fry, so its best to remove them after breeding.

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