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Eightbarbel Loach Aka Rice Loach-The Best Loach

Eightbarbel Rice Loach

Eightbarbel Rice Loach

Eightbarbel Rice Loach Tank Size

If you like Dojo Loaches, you will love the Eightbarbel Loach. They grow to less than half the length of dojos. Four or five could easily be kept in a 20 gallon/ 80liter tank.

Funny things they do?

If all the fish I currently own, these have become my favorite. I love how they leisurely swim through the water. They do not swim clumsily like many other loaches with wormlike bodies. Instead, their swimming method is more similar to other types of loaches like the Rainbow Shark.

They frequently can be seen just hovering in place just above the floor of the aquarium. I estimate that they spend less than 50 percent of their time on the bottom. They are capable of short jumps but I have never seen them try. I only know they can because I was floating a breeding box in their tank with Rice Fish fry (Oryzias latipes– a killifish native to the same waters as the loach) that I had hatched.

I came home from work with one loach in the breeding box and about half the fry gone. They are quite adept at eating fry. I have since removed the rice-fish as I want to continue breeding them but added a pair of guppies to their tank to provide the loaches will occasional opportunities to hunt young fish.

I will add a video of my fish in this section ( I apologize in advance for the shaky camera work and glare)


These are found in the lands of

  1. The Koreas
  2. Northern China
  3. Russia

Fish Size:

The fish size depends on the room, space and environment you are providing them and also food you are going to feed them. So the maximum fish size is 7cm/ 3inches  or sometimes maybe less.

Temperature Range:

Room temperature but can handle both higher and lower for a few months. Not any specified temperature had set for them.

What do they eat?

They have proven very easy to feed. They eat flakes, pellets, sinking cory tablets, and frozen and live food. They also eat small snails and small fish. At feeding time, they eat first from the water column, and sometimes from the surface, and only later combing the bottom for bits of food. Unlike dojos, they do not gulp air so they will never make a dash for the surface.

Housing Environment:

They inhabit slow-moving rivers, swamps, and irrigation ditches that are heavily overgrown with vegetation. They are often found around submerged branches. They do not bury themselves but avoid sharp gravel which could injure their whiskers.

Breeding Style:

After a period if cool temperatures, the Eightbarbel Loach may breed when the water temperature rises into the low/ mid-20s Celsius or low 70s Fahrenheit. Eggs are deposited in thickets of vegetation.

Reading through several blogs from native fish keepers in Korea, it is clear these fish have been bred in captivity. The genders difference is obvious when you see them side by side. Males have a dark strip, often faded and only visible from certain angles, while the females have a series of random spots.

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Updated: September 26, 2018 — 6:06 pm

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