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Freshwater Fish

Freshwater Fish are those who like to live in freshwater. Those who spend their lives in lakes rivers and streams.The freshwater that is clean and fresh with zero impurities and salts. This water contains the salinity less than 0.5. That means one kg of water contains 5 grams of salts in it. The Fishes that live in  Freshwater  can only spend their life in freshwater aquariums also. They are adopted as a pet in the home. The freshwater is the water which comes from ice caps, underground, glaciers, streams, ponds, rivers, and lakes. The naturally occurring Water called so fresh due to which it has low or almost the salts percentage lower than 1 percent in it.
List Of Freshwater Fish
They are listed below:
• Guppy fish
• Siamese Beta fish
• platyfish
• Cory catfish
• Sailfin molly fish
• Danios
• Neon Tetra
• Cherry Barb
• Fire mouth cichlid