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Freshwater Fish

Freshwater Fish are those who like to live in freshwater. Those who spend their lives in lakes rivers and streams.The freshwater that is clean and fresh with zero impurities and salts. This water contains the salinity less than 0.5. That means one kg of water contains 5 grams of salts in it. The Fishes that live in  Freshwater  can only spend their life in freshwater aquariums also. They are adopted as a pet in the home. The freshwater is the water which comes from ice caps, underground, glaciers, streams, ponds, rivers, and lakes. The naturally occurring Water called so fresh due to which it has low or almost the salts percentage lower than 1 percent in it.
List Of Freshwater Fish
They are listed below:
• Guppy fish
• Siamese Beta fish
• platyfish
• Cory catfish
• Sailfin molly fish
• Danios
• Neon Tetra
• Cherry Barb
• Fire mouth cichlid

Tiger Teddy Fish (Best Breeding Guide of the Year)

Tiger Teddy Fish

Tiger teddy fish is the live-bearing fish. There are so many exciting and colorful livebearers in nature. It’s a shame that fish stores are generally satisfied with carrying the big four– guppies, platies, mollies, and swordtails. Why is tiger teddy challenging to find in stores? It is easier to find …

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STRIPED BULLDOG PLECO/ STRIPED RUBBER NOSE PLECO (Chaetostoma formosae) is formerly known as L187b. Also, L444 was found to be genetically identical, so that is now referred to as C. formosae as well. Sultan Pleco Zebra Pleco I have mentioned in the past that not all plecos have the same …

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PEARLY OCELLATUS (Small Freshwater Fish Care Guide)

Pearly Ocellatus

Keeping Pearly Ocellatus Pearly Ocellatus scientifically named as Lamprologus stappersi. The shell dwelling cichlids of Lake Tanganyika are among the most entertaining fish you can follow. The males actively entertain their favorite shell from envious rivals, but be sure to give these active little fish plenty of shells to choose from. There …

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Black-Throated Eartheater-Best Cichlid Care Guide

Black-Throated Eartheater (Geophagus Brachybranchus)

Quick Stats: Origin: Venezuela, Suriname, Brazil Size: About 13cm in nature (5 inches) but up to 20cm in fish tanks (8 inches) Temperature: They like it around 27°C/ 80°F Tank Size: 70 Gallons or Greater Nature: Non-aggressive Brief Introduction: Eartheaters are a group of fish you should definitely consider keeping …

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Freshwater Jerdon’s Baril – Fish Care Guide & Facts

Jerdon's Baril (Barilius Canarensis)

Quick Stats: Origin: India Size: 110-130cm/ 4.5 -5 inches Temperature: 18-26°C/ 65-76°F Diet: Eats from the surface. Flake foods work well, but feedings of bloodworms, mosquito larvae, insects, and pellets are all taken Overview: The Barils are a relatively new genus to the aquarium world. Most are greenish with various …

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