Glass Bloodfin (Prionobrama Filigera)

Glass Bloodfin Tetra Fish Tank Setup,Feed, Breeding,Tank mates

Glass Bloodfin (Prionobrama Filigera)

Glass Bloodfin (Prionobrama Filigera)

History and introduction:

There is a couple of fish that go under the common name of Bloodfin, but the Glass Bloodfin tetra can easily be told apart from its popular relatives because it lacks any red coloration on its anal fin. It also seems to have developed the undeserved reputation of being more delicate and harder to care for then its cousins.

Nothing could be further than the truth! That rumor probably came about because the common Bloodfin Tetra can live at room temperatures year round and that is something the Glass Bloodfin cannot do.

But give it the proper temperatures, and room to swim, it proves to be perfectly hardy and is easy to keep fish for beginners. It gets along with most commonly kept community tank members and is not at all prone to nip fins.

Tank Mates for Bloodfin:

However, you should avoid keeping it with fast-moving surface fish such as the Scissor Rasbora and many of the commonly available danios.

Those fish tend to intimidate the Glass Bloodfin and will out-compete them at feeding time. Slower surface dwellers like hatchet fish are fine as are all appropriately sized mid-water and bottom dwellers.

Tank Setup:

Although active, they are fairly small and a group of 6 or 8 individuals can join a twenty gallon/ 70-liter community tank. They don’t necessarily need to be in a group due to schooling behavior. Instead, it is because the males may engage in battles with each other on occasion and if there are more males available, then the aggression becomes dispersed instead of focused on the weakest individual.

Fish Quick Stats:

  1. Origin: Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, Brazil
  2. Size: 6cm/ 2.5 inches
  3. Temperature: 23-28°C/ 73-82°F


It is not a fussy eater. They eat flake food with the same vigor as they do surface insects, mosquito larvae and other aquatic invertebrates.


They are mainly concerned with surface decorations and really don’t care about the substrate. Just give them a few patches of floating plants like water lettuce and they will be happy. They will congregate under these plants to take a break from bright lighting.


Like most tetras, they are egg-scatterers and will eat their own eggs if given the chance.

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