Jerdon's Baril (Barilius Canarensis)

Freshwater Jerdon’s Baril – Fish Care Guide & Facts

Jerdon's Baril (Barilius Canarensis)

Jerdon’s Baril (Barilius Canarensis)

Quick Stats:

  • Origin: India
  • Size: 110-130cm/ 4.5 -5 inches
  • Temperature: 18-26°C/ 65-76°F
  • Diet: Eats from the surface. Flake foods work well, but feedings of bloodworms, mosquito larvae, insects, and pellets are all taken


The Barils are a relatively new genus to the aquarium world. Most are greenish with various patterns of stripes or lines. They all like fast moving water and make excellent additions to a hillstream style setup.

Jerdon’s Baril doesn’t NEED to be in a hillstream tank but it will require a powerhead to simulate a natural current. However, in a hillstream tank, they fill an important niche. They inhabit the surface area which is often empty in such tanks.

They are fast-moving and relatively large, so do not keep them with slow moving fish or with fish that are much smaller like White Clouds.


They need a long tank. The quantity of water is less important than the length of the tank. The tank should be at least 150cm/69inches long for a group of this active fish.

They are not a schooling species but they do shoal, so you should probably consider buying at least 4. The substrate should be a mixture of various sized stones and gravel. Plants do not live in the fast-moving streams they inhabit in the wild but they can be kept in the aquarium with the fish provided they do not take up too much of the swimming space. Emergent plants overhanging the water would be better. Use a powerhead and airstones.


Egg-scatterers. Spawning is triggered by a water change using cooler water. Males are slimmer and more brightly colored.

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