Molly Fish Food: What Do Mollies Eat?

molly fish food

molly fish food

The mollies will eat many types of food, the typical flake foods available seem to be sufficient. I’ve seldom seen a sailfin achieve more than 3.5″ length when they can reach 7″ in the wild. This is probably due to their food sources being insufficient which is often due to the tanks they are kept in being too small. It is also probably due to a lack of a constant supply of insect larva that they get in the wild.

Tubifex worms, which are harvested live in the Delaware Bay, also seem to sometimes cause problems in a tank. I’ve had them establish colonies in the sand. I don’t trust the supply of live food to be entirely free of parasites, which can afflict any tank kept species.

Do let’s come to the point about what they eat?

What types of foods do Mollies Eat?

As you Know that Molly is livebearer and omnivore by nature. So you can easily estimate that what you should give them. They are able to get energy from animals and plants as well.

I give a treat to my mollies now and then by Giving them flakes.


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