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Molly Fish Care Guide,Breeding,Feeding,Tank mates (Updated 2018)

Molly fish
Molly fish

There are many species of fishes, but molly fish comes in under “Poecilia sphenops” and in the genus of Poecilia. Molly fish is scientifically named as the Poecilia sphenops, species of fish has the variety of species like balloon molly, lyre-tail molly, dalmatian molly, Sail-fin Molly, short fin Molly and Also Black White(Diamond) and golden Molly. These are also Called as common molly or short finned mollies.

It is Very famous on Local Level as well as Worldwide. In the list of most rank getting fish, there is now Molly is also listed due to feeding nature. There now Called “Feeders” Because of high growth and fast birth rate, breeding rate and reproduction(A process of giving birth to Fry/Babies/ Child. It is mildly aggressive. It likes the brackish type of water to live happily.

In this definitive guide, you will able to learn all about

  1. How many colors does Molly have?
  2. How to take care of mollies?
  3. What is the lifespan of fish and how to increase it?
  4. How to feed your pet in the right way?
  5. What should be the tank size and setup for mollies?
  6. How To determine the Sex Of Mollies Male and female?
  7. The Most Compatible tank Mates Of Molly Fish Ever.
  8. How To Setup a community tank For mollies?
  9. What is the breeding style for mollies and how do they give birth to babies

Colour Specification:

The colour in molly is due to pigment ratio present in it. They get mostly dull colours. The colour difference is only the mixture of them or excess of lack of pigment. These are present in a variety of different colours like black, golden diamond silver, platinum. These also have a combination of colours in it like white and black marble, orange and black, etc.

Sometimes it is found with the white dots covering the whole body or thin white lines on the gills. The pair of black mollies (male and female) is distinct and entirely different in all colour.

You may Love to see the Image Guide based on shapes and colours in Molly Fish


Fish Price:

It is getting rankings very popularly for beginner’s aquarium hobby nowadays due to low, reasonable and affordable price.

Origin of Mollies:

It is found natively in the regions of south and Central America & also found in Caribbean islands, some parts of the United States. The primary living habitat is black sea shore waters, but when they want to adapt salt water, then fresh water is Recommended. As you know, it is freshwater aquarium fish, after seawater habitat.

Mature Fish Size:

The size of this fish is relatively small than other fishes. The maximum size of male fish can grow up to 7.6 cm, and female can grow maximum 12.6 cm in size.

Molly Fish Habitation

Such fish like to live in freshwater that’s why very sensitive to poor and severe water conditions. Keep in view some points that I am going to share with you are

  • The PH of the water,
  • The ratio of two sexes
  • Size of the Aquarium.

Molly fish Community tank Setup Of different Mollies (Video):

How to care for Molly Fish?

Are you worried about how to care for them, after buying them from the market?
Now throw your worries away!
I am here to guide you thoroughly how to care for them in straightforward ways.
Anyhow it is not a difficult task to keep them in excellent conditions.
It does not require very much care, Even if you are a beginner
As a hobbyist, you need to know something about them. Molly fishes are typically non-aggressive.
They are peaceful mostly they can live happily with other fishes easily.
You have to Look at some simple things for super care and growth.

  • Ratio of sexes
  • Size of tank
  • Nature of Water
  • Fish Compatible Tank Mates
  • Temperature maintenance
  • Food

What is Molly Fish Life Span & How to extend it?

The complete life cycle of mollies is maximum about three years, and it can be extended to five years if we keep them with proper care. We are now going to discuss how to take care of molly fish properly.

Sex Ratio Of Mollies In a Tank – Do You Know?

The main thing is the sex ratio that everyone should keep in mind is that male mollies are much aggressive to the female with respect to breeding and sex. If you have two male and one female than both of the two will pay attention to the only and only one female fish which will be harassed by both males. Male molly is aggressive breeders in its nature. So it is quite challenging to keep.

sex ratio of molly fish in tank
the sex ratio of molly fish in a tank

“According to my opinion as I am also growing many mollies in my tank. The ratio is three females and one male, very suitable because when there is one male with three, the attention with being divided between them and male will have a peaceful relationship with them”. Female Molly constantly stressed due to mating. Keep the lower ratio in this case.

Water PH Levels [Condition & Parameters]:

Molly fish is susceptible to bad and aggressive water conditions. It needs a peaceful habitat to live on. In the sense of the tank, the preference is salt water, but the PH is also a factor to consider. The chemistry of water is not neglectable. The PH limit of water is 7.0 to 8.5 which is hard water.

Many fish bloggers & professionals recommend adding salt to the water if it is alkaline or hard. But some studies also show that mollies live healthy if they are without salt in tank water. In my opinion, the variations are due to water chemistry and nature. Because I am treating with mollies for the last four years in different places.

Ph levels of water for molly fish
water ph level & parameter for molly

Water Temperature Maintainance:

In the winter season, when the temperature drops down, and water gets cold and sometimes it drops further down until water turns to ice, then there is no possibility of freshwater fishes to live in the aquarium and to survive in this environment. Temperature counts more in that situation. The solution is always there when you have any problem.

Most people use a heater or a heating rod. The heater which has mostly used in water covered with the glass tube and some round wires in it. You can use both manual and automatic heaters to maintain the water temperature.

I prefer to use the automatic heater because you don’t need to care about this after installation in the tank. When you use a Manual heater, you also need a thermometer to check the water temperature.

You have to provide full attention to the tank until the water gets the maximum heat to survive the life.

water temperature level for mollies
water temperature level for mollies

One day when there were some guests in my house. I was installing my manual heater into the tank. When I plug it into electricity, my cousin calls me. I went out of my house with him. When I come back home. My tank water was boiling, and my fishes died Rest in the piece. I can never forget that day.

Finally, I bought an automatic heater. You can do work with it with have to set the temperature and keep calm and let the heater to do the job. The optimum temperature range for mollies is 22 to 28-degree C.

Setting up a tank for Molly Fish:

The size of a tank or tank setup is the considerable factor among all the factors for molly fish care. For molly fish breeding the peaceful environment

tank size for molly fish
tank size & setting up a tank for molly fish

is a mandatory thing. The minimum size of the tank is 110 litres = 29.0589 in gallons and the maximum size is 170 litres 44.90 in gallons.

Increase the size of thank as per fish quantity on it. Only Keep 4 black mollies in 10 gallons of the water tank. To do black molly fish care you must provide them with Wide space and room. Greater the room, Greater the peaceful bonding between them.

We are now going to discuss “How to recognize molly fish male or female”.

Molly fish Sex Recognition:

In this section, you will able to learn more about

  1. How to recognize the gender of male and female molly fish?
  2. What is the sex difference of molly fish?
  3. Pinpoints to determine gender.
sex determination of molly
sex determination of molly

The case of fish, it is most difficult to know the gender and molly fish sex difference of pet fish. But after getting the viewpoints and opinions, I am able to write this article only for you.

Now you are very interested to know the major facts to know how to differentiate between mollies. So let Me start our topic and come to the point. Your wait is now finished.

To determine which is male molly or female molly it is quite easy to check. It is an amazing experience to analyze Molly fish sex. Everyone is searching curiously on the internet about How to determine Molly fish sex?

There are some amazing facts, on the base of which we can check any fish either it is male or female. In the case of black molly, it is not a much difficult task to check the sex of pet.

It Sounds Interesting?? You may also love to read

Male Molly Fish:

It is fairly easy to distinguish male fish from a pair of mollies.

  1. Majority male fish are more slender and slim.
  2. They have gonopodia for Sex.
  3. Male are more torpedo shaped in structure.
  4. Males are very sharp and fast
  5. They move very quickly in water of the aquarium.
  6. They always try to chase the female molly fish
  7. Gonopodium is an organ which is modified in male looks like a thin rod or pencil shaped.
  8. It enables the male fish to hook up with female fish and release sperm into the female.
  9. As compared to female, they have bigger fins.
  10. Have reformed anal fins to mate with female mollies.

Female Molly Fish:

  1. Mostly females are bulky fat and more round in shape.
  2. Almost move slower than males fish
  3. They show very slow nature
  4. Female fish always chased by male mollies
  5. When they get pregnant, they got the belly and wide abdomen like a balloon.
  6. Female Molly have an anal fin under its body

Below Are pictures of male and female mollies

difference of male and female mollies
a difference between male and female mollies


sex difference between male and female molly
sex difference between male and female molly
male and female molly image
male and female molly image

Molly Fish Tank Mates – Always happy Community Tank

Molly fish tank mates
Molly fish tank mates

In this section you will able to know about:

  • fishes compatible with molly
  • what fish can live with mollies?
  • molly fish breeding

The Most Compatible Molly Fish Tank Mates

There are many Awesome, beautiful and pretty molly fish tank mates in community tanks. Some of them show Best compatibility with molly fish and live very happily and peacefully. As I mentioned above it is also a peaceful fish if you follow the above factors and some circumstances including good environment, You can get a very good relationship with them. What kind of fish are compatible with mollies are listed below

  • Platys
  • Guppies
  • Tetras
  • Snails
  • Shrimp
  • Gourami fish
  • Female Bettas
  • Swordtails
  • Endlers
  • Danios
  • Minnows

Platys, Guppies, Swordtails and Mollies Relationship:

Platys, Mollies, and Guppies Also Belong To Molly Family member of Poeciliidae. All Of them have same species and belong to the same Family. These Are popular Fishes for freshwater tanks and aquariums.

All Fishes Are Live Bearing Because They Gave birth to live young one babies. I have Experienced With Mollies and Platys Both Live Peacefully each other.

I am planning to add guppies and swordtails with them also because my friends also have a community tank of all these traits.

Molly fish compatible tank mates
Molly fish compatible tank mates

Same Like Other fishes, all can breed easily with Molly Fish Tank Mates, if we kept them with proper care. They can breed only in household aquariums and tanks & all are fast breeders.

All of them show fast growth and breeding capability such as other aquatic organisms,  are sensitive to environmental conditions and water sensitive. Most of these dies and sick if not kept with proper care.

Improper care can lead them to sudden death. All originated from America Especially from Mexico Origin.

The “gestation period” is twenty-eight days after that they gave birth to young ones! Mostly fish can breed after a month or 40 days. Platys, guppies, Endless and all related fishes require the planted tanks so they can give birth to babies. Total Above mentioned fishes like planed surrounding. Live plants can help out in this matter.

For keeping them, they only need cleaning and maintenance of water. Can also live healthy if we provide the proper care. For feeding The baby, shrimp is recommended most. You can also feed them with flakes. Over a large meal once a day, Few small meals are preferred. If we feed them a Great meal once, there is a risk of sickness.

Cross Breeding Between Molly Fish Tank Mates [Endlers, Platys, Guppies, And mollies]:

Now The point of molly fish breeding lets has a talk on this! Mollies and platys can never cross breed but molly fish, guppy, and Endler can breed. But in the case, if there is female molly. In most cases, the female molly dies. Guppy fish and endler can also breed cross very easily. If we talk about platy ad swords they can also cross. Moreover, the mollies and platys can not crossbreed. Females fishes can also hook up and hold the sperms for several months and can give delivery up to 3 times of fry in only one pairing and be sexing with the male fish

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