MONO (Monodactylus Argenteus)

MONO Fish -Best Moon Fish Care Guide For Your Silver Moony

MONO (Monodactylus Argenteus)

MONO (Monodactylus Argenteus)

For many decades, when people spoke of keeping brackish aquaria, generally four types of fish were mentioned;

  1. Monos,
  2. Scats,
  3. Gobies,
  4. and Mollies.

(Puffers were not available with much regularity until the 80s). Of them, Monos were considered to be the most attractive, but also the most difficult to keep. We now know much more about how to keep the Angelfish lookalikes and they can live 7 to 10 years in a properly maintained aquarium.

Important note: One thing we know that our forefathers did not is that Monos need increasing amounts of salinity as they grow. While they can live a short time in freshwater, if you want to keep your monos healthy and alive, they should not be in water less than 1.005 salinity.

And that is only while they are small. As they grow they should be gradually adapted to full marine conditions in which they will always display their best colors.

Tank setup according to nature:

Monos should never be kept singly..or in pairs…or in trios. They can be aggressive with each other and should be kept in groups of 5 or more to spread that out. Of course, this means that a large tank is needed. A group of small juveniles can be kept in a 55 gallon/ 200 liter. But they can’t be in a tank that small for long and you will need a tank at least triple that size.


They are found in the

  1. Red Sea,
  2. East Africa,
  3. Southern Asia,
  4. Australia.


Tank specimens rarely exceed 13cm/6inches. They are larger in nature.

Temperature Bearing Capacity:

They are able to tolerate the 24-28°C / 75-82°F temperature.


They will eat everything…including small tankmates. They can eat all the things that fit into their mouth either it is fish food or a small fish tank mates.


Their habitat is sand or live gravel if kept in a fully marine environment. You can decorate the tank as you want, they are not picky. The only thing you need is strong filtration and an airstone or two. They are messy fish when eating and expel a lot of waste.


There have been accidental spawnings in captivity, but no details are known.

Tank Mates & Companions:

The best tank mates and companions are

  1. Archer Fish,
  2. GlassFish,
  3. Platys,
  4. Guppies,
  5. Scats
  6. Silver Dollars

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