Olympic Mudminnow

Olympic Mudminnow : Small Freshwater Fish for your tank

Olympic Mudminnow

Olympic Mudminnow

A quick glance at the fish might give the impression that it is a kind of killifish. However, appearances can be deceiving.

Brief Introduction:

The mud minnows closest relatives are the massive pikes! Fortunately, this small family of fish shares none of their relative’s characteristics.

There are only four species in this North American group of fish and among them, the Olympic mudminnow is probably the most colorful.

They make ideal candidates for a peaceful cool water tank provided that their tankmates are not small enough to swallow.

They are not unnecessarily fish-eaters, but they do have a strong preference for live food, so it is not a good idea to trust them with your white cloud minnows.

Olympic mud minnows are from heavily overgrown swamps that have little to no water movement.

They have developed the ability to breathe air like betta and gouramis to cope with water with a low oxygen content.

In the aquarium, they are not active fish but tend to glide stealthily among the decore searching for food.

Quick Stats:

  • Origin: Olympic Peninsula, Washington State, USA
  • Size: 3-4″/ 8-10cm
  • Temperature: Room temperature is fine but should give slightly cooler temps if you wish to breed them
Olympic Mudminnow (Novumbra Hubbsi)

Olympic Mudminnow (Novumbra Hubbsi)


In an aquarium, they quickly adapt to eating frozen foods such as bloodworms but you should vary their diet with chopped earthworms, prawn, clams, fish, etc.


An ideal candidate for a well-planted aquarium. They like a lot t of cover. Speaking of covers, have one on the tank as these fish may jump when frightened. Keep water movement to a minimum. It is fine at a neutral pH or slightly acidic waters.

A 30 gallon/ 115-liter tank is suitable for a pair or small group, but you will need a larger tank if you want to keep more than one male.


Deposits eggs among floating plants. In captivity, it has been spawned utilizing spawning mops.

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