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Caring Pearl Danio, feeding Breeding,tank setup and More

Pearl Danio (Brachydanio Albolineata)
Pearl Danio (Brachydanio Albolineata)


The photo of the pearl danio is not enough to do this fish justice. In pictures, they often appear to be faded and not particularly colorful.

However, when you see these relatives of the popular zebra danio in life, you realize that they are subtly beautiful.

The pearl danio has highly iridescent scales that give the fish an ever-changing mother-of-pearl sheen was they move quickly through the water.

Tank Setup

A school of them look especially attractive in a planted tank with a dark substrate. Over a light substrate or in sparsely decorated aquariums, they migh appear far less colorful. Pearl danios are schooling fish, so you purchase a group of at least i individuals.

I owned a school of these when I was in college and learned that they will also join schools with the zebra danio.

Tank Mates

This is safe to do as pearl and zebra danios do not crossbreed. However, you do have to be careful if keeping the pearl danio with the more closely relared Rosy Danio (B. rosea).

The two fish look quite similar but the rosy danio lacks the central orange stripe found on the pearl. The pearl danio is an ideal beginner fish.

It makes an excellent tankmate to all the more common community fish available, is unfussy when it comes to food, and is a great fish to start with if one wants to learn how to breed egg-scattering fish and raise the fry.

So to summarize. It is definitely not the brightest colored fish in the display tanks at the fish store, but it is the perfect resident in a community tank of like-sized fishes.


All of Southern Asia


5cm / 2 inches


16-25°C /60-77°F


It eats any type of food you give it and will even thrive on a diet consisting solely of flake food. Provide them with live or frozen food if you want to breed them.


They are not fussy with decorations but they look great among plants and over a dark substrate. They also enjoy some stnes or driftwood in their tank. Give them some water movement and good aeration. And for their safety, be sure to use an aquarium cover or floating plants to discourage jumping.


Egg-scatterers. Spawning is triggered by water changes especially if slightly cooler water is added. They will eat yheit own eggs so use a spawning tank with a layer or two of glass marbles to protect the eggs.

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