Rainbow Cichild

Rainbow cichlid (Herotilapia multispinosa) Best Guide

Rainbow Cichild

Rainbow Cichlid

Rainbow cichlid is tropical freshwater cichlid. Central American cichlids don’t receive as much attention as those from Africa and South America. They have the reputation of being ill-tempered, or too large, or both ill-tempered and too large. But, that is a generalization.

Tank Size:

The Rainbow Cichlid is a fish that can help break that stereotype. A pair of these beautiful little fish can live happily in a thirty gallon, 100-liter tank. They even can be kept with tankmates if they are peaceful enough.

Nature & Behaviour:

They should not be housed with most other cichlids because the rainbow cichlid is too peaceful and would likely be bullied to death. Instead, they can be housed with peaceful barbs, tetras, livebearers, gouramis, and small catfish. Rams or other South American dwarf cichlids would be fine if they are adapted to water with a neutral or higher pH, but don’t attempt to keep them with angelfish.


  1. Honduras
  2. Nicaragua,
  3. and Costa Rica

Growth & Size:

In captivity, they are usually no bigger than 10cm, 4″. In nature, they can grow to 17cm, or 7″.

Temperature Bearing Capacity:

22-28°C/72-82°F. Some wild populations have been found in water up to 33°C/91°F

Diet & Fish Feeding:

They will eat all types of aquarium foods, but should frequently be fed algae tablets. Live or frozen foods are essential if you want to breed them.

Where do they Live?

Although these fish would love a tank with a substrate of mud as that is what they have in nature, that is unfeasible in an aquarium. Instead, fine sand works just as well. There should be at least on flat rock or piece of the slate present as potential spawning sites. Lighting should be dim, so if you want to grow algae for them as a treat, it should be done on rocks kept in a different tank and just added to the tank as desired.

Water Parameters

The filtration should not create too strong of a current and the water’s pH should be between 7 and 8. They also like some cover in the form of driftwood or plants. Because the light is dim, try low light plants like java fern or Anubis nana

How to do Breeding?

Breeding can be attempted in tanks where the couple has no tankmates. The mother lays eggs on a flat stone and both parents actively fan the eggs and herd the babies.


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