Royal White Cloud aka Cardinal Minnow aka Vietnam Minnow (Tanicthys Micogemmae)

Caring Royal White Cloud Cardinal Vietnam Minnow (Tanicthys Micogemmae)

Royal White Cloud aka Cardinal Minnow aka Vietnam Minnow (Tanicthys Micogemmae)

Royal White Cloud aka Cardinal Minnow aka Vietnam Minnow (Tanicthys Micogemmae)


For more than a century after a boy scout discovered the first white cloud mountain minnow, scientists believed it to be unique, and for one hundred years it was alone in its genus.

But less than 20 years ago, three other small fish turned up in Vietnam that have proven to be relatives of the famous White Cloud. It has taken a little while for breeders to start producing enough numbers of this fish to be sold into aquarium markets around the world, but it is slowly happening.

Why I am inspired?

I was inspired to write about it because an online shop I frequent in Seoul started carrying them.

Unfortunately, I guess I do not visit their site enough because by the time I noticed them, they were sold out! I believe this fish is going to be just as popular as the standard White Cloud Mountain Minnow.

Best Tankmates

They have a similar temperament, but the new Royal White Cloud is even smaller than the original, so care must be taken when choosing tankmates to keep it with.

It seems likely to get along well with most of our most common small aquarium fish like tetras, guppies. Harlequin rasboras, danios, platies, and corydoras.

Do not keep them with the familiar White Cloud! It is likely that they can interbreed. They are very adaptable fish and can even be held in a hillstream setup.


In nature, they are found along the shallows of fast-moving streams, often out of the most influential currents, but all you will encounter in fish stores have been bred in captivity, so they are used to calmer waters.

Tank Setup

They are currently more expensive than their cousin, but their price is likely to come down as more people begin to keep and breed them. As they are schooling fish, a group of ten or more is recommended, but such a group can easily be housed in a ten gallon/ 30-liter tank.




3cm/1 inch or less


18-23°C/ 65-73°F


They take all prepared foods that fit into their tiny mouths. They also love small living food like daphnia, Cyclops, brine shrimp, and young mosquito larvae.


They are not picky, but they look beneficial with a lot of greens in their tank such ss rooted or floating plants or algae growing on tocks in a hillstream tank. Provide them with an airstone and clean water to make them happy.


Egg-scatterers. A pair can be bred in a tank with lots of fine-leaved plants like hornwort. But to get more babies, allow them to spawn as a group over two layers of marbles, so the eggs fall between the glass balls. Eggs start hatching in 2 days, so remove the group of adults before then to protect the babies.


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