Spotfin Chub Turquoise Shiner (Cyprinella Monacha)

Spotfin Chub Turquoise Shiner Brief Care Guide

Spotfin Chub Turquoise Shiner

Spotfin Chub Turquoise Shiner

Brief Introduction:

This is a fish I wanted to highlight because of its beauty and the potential it would have in the aquarium industry. It is NOT an endorsement for anyone to seek out and collect this fish!


It is threatened or endangered throughout its range and is extinct in Alabama and Georgia as well as from the main branch of the Tennessee River.

There are organizations breeding these fish in captivity and reintroducing them into places they formerly inhabited where possible and there are reports that several wild breeding populations have been re-established.

Several things happened that devastated the population of this fish. The worst occurred in 1957 when the government began a program to stock trout into many river systems.

That in itself is problematic in areas where the trout were not native, but prior to seeding the Tennessee River with trout fingerlings, the government poisoned the river with ichthyocides fish killing poisons to eliminate competition for food, possible predators, and egg eaters to ensure the trouts’ survival.

Attempting to help the fish populations recover has been difficult for the little spot fin chub because it is intolerant of suspended particles in the water.

Farming and Keeping in Home Aquarium:

Development at many places along the river as well as runoff from farms prevents the chub’s fry from developing and clog the gills of adult fish. But can you imagine this fish in the aquarium trade?

In the hands of a dedicated selective breeder, the beautiful blue body color of the adult male could be made the usual coloration of aquarium specimens as id the case of the reds in the Rosy Barb.

Perhaps with continued work of the conservation agencies working to restore this fish, that may one day be possible.


This Beautiful Fish is present in the Tennessee River and its tributaries the USA(United States of America).

Size of Specimen:

The fish can grow Up to┬áthe Size of 8cm Or 3″ inches in size. This is the mature fish size up to it can grow in size and Lbs.

Is the water temperature need to be maintained?

There is no specific range or need to install the heater in the aquarium or tank to grow them. The Room temperature is enough to keep them so care level is easy in this manner.

What do they eat?

In nature, the feed on insect larvae and small invertebrates. When young they feed exclusively from the bottom but become bolder as they grow and will feed on the water column. Feed live and frozen foods, but the captive bred specimens are raised on high-quality pellets.

Housing & Habitat:

A substrate of either sand or gravel is fine, but add several larger stones to mimic their natural habitat. The like good water which can be achieved by adding extra aeration. A powerhead is not necessary if the filtration is strong. They do not live in torrent conditions.

Tank Size

A tank of 30 gallons/ 115 liters would be sufficient for a group of 5 or 6. This tank size is kept by Majority of the fish hobbyist.


These fish breed like many barbs and danios. The eggs must be protected from the parents who will attempt to eat them immediately after spawning.

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