Sunset Variatus (Xiphophorus Variatus)

Sunset Variatus : Best Freshwater Aquarium fish

Sunset Variatus (Xiphophorus Variatus)

Sunset Variatus (Xiphophorus Variatus)

Sunset Variatus (Xiphophorus Variatus)

For Easy Fish Monday, I chose one of my favorite livebearers, the Sunset Variatus.

Please don’t call this fish a Platy.

Yes, they are related at the genus level, but they are no more a platy than a swordtail is which is also a member of Xiphophorus.

Variatus fall right between swordtails and platies in size and in the absence of members of their own species, both swordtails and platies are capable of interbreeding with Variatus.
It is recommended not to keep them together unless the hybrids are for your personal ranks and not to be sold or given away.

The wild form of the Variatus is never seen in fish shops anymore. It is the same color scheme as the tank bred varieties, but much paler yellow and the red color confined primarily to the tail fin.

They can be housed like Platies. A small tank of 20 gallons is fine for a trio or quartet. Always keep more females than males because the males can be unrelenting in their pursuit of the females and a one to one ratio will lead the female to become exhausted and ultimately die.


  1. Mexico


The normal Females can reach up to 7 cm(3inches) but males are smaller than female


They can bear the temperature range from 20 to 26°C/ 68-79°F


They are easily fed and accept a wide variety of food.


They will thrive in a planted tank. Be careful they do not overpopulate!


They are livebearers who produce fry every 4 to 7 weeks. Because they are larger than platies, the number of young they have is larger too. Unlike many other livebearers, they do not hunt and eat their young.

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