Swamp Guppy (Micropoecilia Picta)

Swamp Guppy (Micropoecilia Picta)

Swamp Guppy (Micropoecilia Picta)

Swamp Guppy (Micropoecilia Picta)

Swamp Guppy (Micropoecilia Picta) The fish in the photo is NOT an Endler’s livebearer. (In fact, most short tailed guppies sold in pet shops are not Endlers either…they are simply “wild” type common guppies). The Swamp Guppy is in a different genus. There are several color variations that occur naturally, but receive separate common names when being sold in stores or online. The red form (puctured) is commonly called the Scarlet Livebearer. There are also two other color forms called the Yellow Livebearer (also pictured), and the Black Livebearer (sorry, no photo). These are brackish water fish that can also be raised in freshwater. If you want them to multiply however, you should make the water with a salinity between 1.005 and 1.010. The lower end of that range is better because these fish love plants and it is difficult to grow most plants if the water is too salty. They will hybridize with Endler’s so you may want to think twice about housing them together if you are looking to maintain a pure strain.
Origin: Coastal northeastern South America and Trinidad and Tobago.
Size: 3cm/1″
Temperature: 20-28°C/ 68-80°F
Feeding: In nature, they feed on mosquito larva and algae. In captivity the eat anything you give them, but it is beneficial to have lagae in the tank they can graze on between meals
Habitat: A small group can be kept in a ten gallon, 30 litre, provided there is sufficient plant cover so the females can escape the attention of the males. There should be 3 or 4 females per each male. Hardy, salt tolerant plants like hornwort, certain vals, and java fern can be used if the salinity is not too strong. Provide them with a bright light to encorage algae growth.
Breeding: Livebearers


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