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Tiger Teddy Fish (Best Breeding Guide of the Year)

Tiger Teddy Fish
Tiger Teddy Fish

Tiger teddy fish is the live-bearing fish. There are so many exciting and colorful livebearers in nature. It’s a shame that fish stores are generally satisfied with carrying the big four– guppies, platies, mollies, and swordtails.

Why is tiger teddy challenging to find in stores?

It is easier to find some of the less common livebearers online from breeders specializing in them, but even then, the tiger teddy is a delicate fish to get ahold of.

One of the reasons it is not as popular as such pleasantly colored fish should be is due to its size.

Fish size

The females barely come in at 1 inch (they reach 2.5cm) and the males are smaller. This limits what kind of fish can be kept with them.

However, there is a bigger problem that damages their popularity.


The females are sometimes very aggressive and capable of killing small tankmates. With larger tankmates and with you, the Tiger Teddy will be very shy.

Tank Size, Origin, Fish size, Feeding

It is recommended, to reduce aggression that you keep them in a heavily planted aquarium. A pair can be easily held in a planted 2 gallon (7 liters) tank, but
Origin: Columbia
Size: 2- 2.5 cm / less than 1″
Temperature: 25°F/ 76°
Feeding: They accept any small foods including powdered food


They need to be kept in a heavily planted tank, not just to reduce casualties due to aggression, but the microorganisms living on plants provide the fry with a source of food. Filtration should not produce a strong current but needs to be effective.

These fish like clean water and need a weekly water change. The intake pipe on the filter should be fitted with a sponge to prevent these tiny fish from being sucked up. The pH should be kept at 7 or slightly higher.


Livebearers but the fry are too small to eat most live foods. They can only take infusoria at first. Preparation should be kept on hand if you hope to breed and sell this fish. They will need a bigger space once they start breeding. They produce young in a slightly different way than other livebearers.

Once fertilized, the developing babies trigger the development of other eggs within the female. This allows for the existence of many babies at different stages of development, and the result is the female will continually give birth to a few babies every couple of days.

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